Making our lives into circus poetry!

Every day is a miracle and we are its witness.

Keeping our focus on the places where we create from love.

Understanding how our actions act like a ripple.

It is not what we do but the intention with which we do it.


What is my business/ lifestyle?

My business is Poetry and circus, connecting with people to free them to try new things. To let themselves go have fun, break some of their rules. Encouraging them to say what they are really feeling, revealing to themselves what they would really like to do.

Circus has been a tool for both social and personal development in my life and I have made it contagious wherever I have travelled. I have seen circus free people to enjoy who they are. In this day and age sometimes I wonder though if it is not bread and circus. Artsworkers are the gap fillers, a simple arts project in the bush can end up feeding people, clothing people and cleaning their wounds. Then we fall victim to forgetting to look after ourselves.

People are distracted by the glam and glitter of the circus and the seduction of the burlesque world. Where is the old school new circus, the social comment of Circus Oz and Circus monoxide.

Lets start talking about what circus is really able to do to save the world and what we are actually using it for.

In my school work where we use circus as the vehicle for storytelling, social skills development and helping young people free out from the stereo types they have backed themselves or been placed in, we are also up against the constraints of a system that are judging and categorising them. On one hand asking them to journal about what it means to be themselves and stand up for what they believe in, but when they are honest about how they are feeling and need time to process that, the structure is not flexible and does not really promote personal independence.

I have seen people shine and find their tribe through circus, the first truly global tribal culture? What do you think?

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