Circus to Save the World

As Luna Circus’s training project is getting into full swing, in Reg Bolton country, I want to reignite the discussion about Circus to save the World. Western Australia was home to Reg who is a ledgend of the Global circus community and was the mentor and inspiration to so many of the projects, individuals, company’s and troupes who still exist today.

I am keen to talk to anyone who has been inspired by Reg.

More importantly I want to start finding out how we can sustain the impact of the social circus projects that we participate in. So often it is the fire and passion of one person that drives the energy of others and each candle is lit off them. After they are gone if a strong wind blows others who have been moved out of difficult situations through participation in programs find it hard to sustain the energy.

We can all find those stories. What is more important is to persist  and keep the focus on finding the stories of small meaningful sustainable change that circus people and programs have delivered in the communities we have worked in.

It is the depth of the web of connections that seems so useful in sustaining that feeling of a extended circus family. That allows people to have experiences beyond the initial experience that continues to allow them a vehicle for their self development.

It was because of Reg 10 years ago at a circus festival that I was able to incorporate the support of Cirque du Monde into a Broken Hill circus program through an Aboriginal Health Service. This linking of an isolated community into a network of internatioinal artists enabled us to deliver many new experiences to the young people and their community. 

Do you have a Reg story to share where he was a pebble in your pond that created ripples out to other Pebbles?

Do you have thought provoking ideas of why circus works and any tools or tips for sustaining the affects of our circus practice in communities we work in?

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