Legacy of Maari Ma’s Far West Youth Performance Project and Circus Extreme

From 1999 to 2008 Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation ran a program for both Indigenous and non-indigenous youth that used circus as a vehicle to achieve multiple outcomes. I want to dedicate some space on my blog for people who were invovled in that project to discuss the benefits and the downfalls of that program.

I am still working on how to complete my final part of the project which is to organise and re distribute the digital media that I have in my care. It has been a dream of mine to sort it into family groupings, name the projects and the people and return it to individuals who took part. Now my dream is to expand the vision of that project and create a documentary that also follows the story of people who were influenced by the program in a way that promoted positive changes in their lives.

If there is any one out there who wants to add their story to this blog or wants to contact me if they have energy for follow on projects.

I have been talking with Priscilla Johnson, Cyril Johnson, Leeann Adams and others and would love to create something for the new generation. Something that could create and bring back that sense of tribe, being acknowledged positively and having something to take risks and challenge yourself with that has amazing community celebration outcomes.

It couldn’t be as mad as some of the projects that we pulled off in the day. With the help of Steve, Bucky and Sue, Kerrie, Rachael, All the Maari Ma staff and heaps of other community people who supported us in so many ways. Then there was all the national mob like Fat Matt and Tony Rooke who got us to festivals in Tassie and WA, the NICA crew who supported us at training projects in Melb, Kelly and Kate who pulled the whole Indigenous mob together with Blackrobats and ICAN. Rohan Corpus for putting us in touch with Cirque du Monde and all the international artists, trainers and students who came to the hill. That was total maddness. Sometimes there’d be young people from Wilcannia, Menindee, Dareton and Broken Hill all running wild around the old school, it would seem like complete chaos and then in a moment of magic the community would arrive and the show would go on.

Those memories make my heart sing and are a big part of my dreaming of the global tribal circus cultures value to be on the world stage at this time.

Love to hear your memories Cartwheels, hugs, handstands and mickeys to you all    Louise X x  X



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