Extinction Rebellion

At last I have found something to focus my attention on. Something that gives me hope for sanity and humanity. Today I went out to spread the word about the six major global extinction that we are creating through our entitled ignorance.

For a year I have been living on a river that hasn’t flowed, watching kangaroos and fish die. Now I am watching as inadequate policies, or deliberate sabotage, leaves towns along the river with no water. Leaving the cultures that have been effective caretakers of their Barka, their Darling river, for over 50,000 years, the Barkindji, who are now being left with no choice but to leave their culture and place behind.

Who is responsible for this ongoing genocide of our First Nations people ?

For this debilitating management of our natural resources, the very water that waters the food bowl of the people of our cities?

Who is going to hold the governments responsible? Who is going to make them stand to account? They have given corporations more rights to take our resources, than even the very rivers we rely on.

They are now stealing water from the Murray to water their mines.

I have been spent my life racking my brain to think of ways that I can change my lifestyle to shift the Paradigm that consumes the earth. For years I have tried different strategies. Protested, lobbied, worked for not for profits and an indigenous community controlled health organisation.

Yet no matter what I do, I am deliberately and systematically, through policies, the media and legislation, directed to consume. I am not allowed to live in a natural interconnection with nature and the cycles and the seasons.

We still have a choice

We are now in the time when the earth is demanding through extreme weather events that we come back to living within our Mothers means. Or she will exile us. The government is talking about 3% growth. What does that mean to our earth, other species, depleted resources and of course carbon in the atmosphere?

How many species do you see left in the area where you live? What made up our interconnected communities before?

You can answer all these questions yourself. I trust you have your own worst fears. Your own ways of doing what you can while under the pressures of living in this isolating culture.

We need every other species.

People are not happy with the lifestyle of continually working to pay bills for things that are stressing them out and not even making them more comfortable.

So where to from here?

We must be planting seeds. For foods in our gardens, for friendships that we trust, for an honesty within our community that we can rely on. We must be building tribes of resilience that have an ability to allow us joy and wonder for the beauty of nature.

More than ever we need to be looking at examples of what worked to bring about important and meaningful change in our society. That is what Extinction Rebellion have done. They have looked at the mass non violent civil disobedience actions that brought about the most effective shifts in consciousness in our societies and they are asking us all to bring our creativity, our kindness and our willingness to stand for the planet.

Be active, be available and demand our cultures are designed to the values of a compassionate and wise humanity.

The corporate stranglehold over our governments must be shaken off. We can no longer afford complacency and we can no longer believe our comfort can be assured. Seek out fellow people of a like mind and find opportunities to create a groundswell demanding action now.

Take your family and your groups, your friends and your enthusiasm. The hopelessness and the belief that we can’t change this, changes the moment you take action. Doing what you can with people who have great experiences and ideas of ways community and culture can work, with people who want to know what brings you alive. Telling stories of what we want to see and the times we have achieved miracles and got through unbearable odds together, is what we have as humans. The only difference between us and animals is that we can tell our stories and our stories create the future. Right now our stories are creating the future for all animals and future generations. They need us! Let’s do what we can, so when we are sitting around campfires after a big feast and celebration, we will be able to say to the grandchildren and the great grandchildren living in an earthly paradise, contented and safe, that we were the ones we had been waiting for.

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