About Louise Moriarty

Making Creativity Viral

Master of Social Ecology. Bachelor of Social Work. Social Circus Artist. Curious explorer of how to transform our culture to nurture all the beauty, diversity and interconnected flows of the abundant natural cycles of life.

Louise’s is compelled as a poet to express the creative energy of the moment. She is passionate about allowing freedom in connections, so that as mirrors we can acknowledge the deepest essence of a being, a moment or a place.

She is a shamanic sage and a muse to many. She can free out their deepest dreams and show them where they are already living them so they experience great satisfaction and joy in their life as it is.


Freeing you from the resistance to living from your joyful essence.

Each moment is an opportunity for you to feel valuable, worthy, needed and like you belong and have a part to play in the unfolding pantomime.

Our aspirations are ours because they are our perfect passion and part.

Acting through our fears and into our wildest dreams is the poet passion. Living the depths of your emotions and expressing and accepting who you are gives you space to live a life of joy and wonder.